Monday, May 06, 2013

It's 2PM Comeback, baby!


Hold your breath, HOTTEST..our boys are BACK!
This month of May has marked the comeback of 'beastly idol', 
2PM in Korea scene after 2 years hiatus..
After the remarkable success in various concerts around the globe,
while we still felt the heat from their
 'Legend of 2PM at Tokyo Dome' concert..
they sprinted up in preparing their comeback with the 
3rd Korean album, GROWN..

'Comeback when you hear this song', a new song from JYP for our boys ^__^
Love it so much..feeling like falling in love with the boys..
again & again..
keke..can see that our boys had become more matured and manly
I love their new style..handsomely gorgeous!
Don't believe me? Check out their new M/V.. 
nan JOAH ^___^ (this is also the title of Jay Park, Jaebumie new song)

2PM - Comeback When You Hear This Song